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Alec Reynolds from Lando Alliance West on Wed Mar 18 2020 Alec Reynolds

Lando and have both paid their dues. Back in '64, was playing studio session gigs while Lando busked for change on the street. Then, after a chance meeting and impromptu jam session at Eric Clapton's SoHo club in 1968, Lando and came together to form the greatest rock supergroup of all time.

# The + Lando Power Duo

Today we're proud to announce the formation of a supergroup to rival Led Zeppelin, Cream, and CSNY. has officially sponsored the Lando project.

What does this mean?

  1. deepens its commitment to great open source tools for developers.

  2. Lando will introduce more features integrating with hosting services and Lagoon.

# Open Source Options for Developers

After talking with CTO Michael Schmidt (aka @schnitzel) over multiple BADCamps and DrupalCons, we're prepared to certify him a 100% Organic Grade A Cage-Free advocate for open source.

Michael isn't paying lip service when he talks about open source. He cares about providing developers with great open tools, and dedicates a huge amount of his team and his personal effort towards creating open source tools like Lagoon and Pygmy.

Free software isn't free...

As an open source champion, Michael knows full well that what's free to one developer is paid for in years of blood, sweat, and tears by another. In no case was this more evident than in maintaining Pygmy, Lagoon's current local development tool. open source maintainers have to hang together.

# Lando as the Successor to Pygmy for Local Development

Local development is hard. As useful as Pygmy is, Michael and the team realized that it was a distraction from their goal of providing the best open source hosting tools possible.  When started thinking about the next steps for Pygmy, they kept wondering why it was necessary to maintain Pygmy when so many other local development solutions existed.

Unfortunately, while Pygmy consumed valuable developer time, there was no clear alternative. Dozens of Drupal local development solutions existed. Which project would be a reliable resource for years to come?

That changed after Jeff Geerling's 2018 and 2019 local development survey showed Lando as the most popular Drupal local development tool (you can take the 2020 version (opens new window) now). Hosting companies like Pantheon,, and Acquia were recommending Lando. Lando was featured in conference talks around the world. Clearly consolidation was occurring.

Talking at BADCamp 2019, Michael outlined a vision where would support Lando to create integrations to become the default local development solution for Lagoon.

# What to Expect Next?

Both teams are already excitedly working on integrating Lagoon and Lando. Over the next few months we'll be releasing beta versions of Lando that include features integrating with and Lagoon, providing...

  • Lando recipe for Lagoon using Lagoon's Docker images

  • Support for existing Lagoon build steps

  • Meeting and exceeding existing Pygmy functionality

  • Less host dependencies

  • Improved multi-platform support

  • Improved documentation

;tldr: Better open source tools for developers who want to kick ass and save time!