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Alec Reynolds from Lando Alliance West on Tue Apr 21 2020 Alec Reynolds

You. The ones behind the screen, the web weavers, the dreamers of digital dreams. Far have you wandered, always seeking and ever yearning but never knowing the grail your heart hungers for so desperately. Never seeing the promised land, never daring to whisper the one word that haunts your waking moments:


A place to be. A warm hearth, a place to work on wonders and share tales with friends.

# and Lando: Building a Home For Digital Creators

Today your search nears its end. and Lando have partnered to create a home for developers, designers, and all the other digital creators looking for great tools surrounded by a welcoming community of fellow makers.

What does this mean?

  1. deepens its commitment to great developer-focused tools.

  2. Lando integrates with to help developers more quickly create, update, and deploy websites.

# A Community of Web Professionals

We met through the faces of Aaron Porter and John "Johnny" Grubb. Both have been long time fixtures of the Drupal open source community and know that any endeavor in this space starts by empowering creators. Their consistent championship (incessant bothering?) brought Lando to the attention of as a whole. quickly realized that what makes Lando a great match isn't technology, but community. Professional developers love Lando and these are the power tools they use to get more done in their lives in less time. Both and Lando have pioneered active Slack communities, places that not only provide urgent support, but have become Cheers-like watering holes where a cast of regulars gather to share new tips and say hi to friends.

# Lando as the Go-To Local Development Solution for

Among all the HUGE problems a production hosting company must solve, local development may appear small, but users kept asking: how should we do local development with

The Lando community offered one solution: an intuitive boilerplate to jumpstart users in local development. Lando quickly became the suggested local development solution (opens new window) of

However, from talking with users knew that the people hungered for more. What about single command site spin-ups, pulling down existing projects from and seamlessly deploying work back up to production? What about formal support for local development?

Partnering with Lando to create an official integration provides users with a reliable solution with broad community support. It gives agencies who might work on many websites (and multiple hosting providers) one tool to bind them all together. And for thousands of developers who use Lando daily, it enlarges their opportunities to deploy their work.

By joining together and Lando, we all get a new home.

# What to Expect Next?

Over the next few months you'll see edge releases of Lando that include integration features, such as...

  • Lando recipes using Docker images.

  • Ability to pull projects down from and deploy them.

  • Compatibility with Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Node, eZ, and other frameworks.

  • Support for build steps.

;tldr: Better open source tools for developers who want to kick ass and save time! Read more on the blog (opens new window).