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Lando is and always will be free and open source.

That said, it takes a considerable amount of time to maintain, support and grow Lando. If you like Lando and think it's valuable we'd highly encourage you to join The Lando Alliance and return some of that value to help support our movement to liberate developers everywhere.

We're down to keep solving DevOps for everyone and with your support we can.


Download Lando

Head over to the releases section of our GitHub page and download the version that makes sense for your operating system.


Install Lando

Installing is usually as simple as double clicking on the package you just downloaded but definitely consult the documentation for complete instructions.


Spin up your first app

# Create a new directory for this example and enter it
mkdir hello && cd hello

# And add a nice homepage
echo "<h1>Lando says hellooo what have we here?</h1>" > index.html

# Initialize a basic LAMP stack using the cwd as the source
lando init --source cwd --recipe lamp --webroot . --name hello-lando

# Start it up
lando start

or try other examples


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