Join and support the movement!

Over the last year or so we've watched our community grow from several hundred users to over 10,000 and this exponential growth trajectory doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon!

As such we want to make sure Lando has a healthy and sustainable foundation for continued future growth. For that reason we are launching our membership program: The Lando Alliance, a movement to liberate developers across the galaxy so they can focus on their most important work.


Why Join?

If you find that Lando saves you time, money and/or frustration then please consider becoming a member of The Alliance.

Not only does this help us cover infrastucture costs it also allows us to provide better...


Help us get a full time dedicated person on our Slack channel!

Bug Fixes

Help us roll out new bug fix releases every week!

New Features

Help us roll in powerful new features and stay up to date with new tech!

New Integrations

Help us add powerful new integrations with other hosting providers!


Help us improve our documentation so it's better than ever!


Help us improve our guides and video tutorials!

If you like or want more of the above then we highly encourage you to join and support our movement so that we can continue to liberate more and more developers from the shackles of unnecessary work, repeatable steps and tool-fighting. This way we can ensure Lando remains the best and only development tool you need for millennia to come!

Depending on tier your membership will include some subset of the following benefits:


Get awesome T-shirts and other swag so you can proudly declare your commitment to the cause!

Early Access

Get early access to new Lando features, services or products!


Get prominent placement of your name or org on Lando web properties!

Member Discounts

Get a 10% discount on other Lando gear, services, trainings, dedicated support or future services!

Dedicated Chat

Get a dedicated Slack channel where you can chat with Lando maintainers, suggest bug fixes, new features or docs!


Get on-demand retweets of your org's content. A great way to find hew hires!

Sprint planning

Get dedicated bi-weekly sprint planning meetings where you can help select the features you want to see in Lando!

Project Direction

Get quarterly surveys to help us prioritize future Lando features, bug fixes and services!


Get an overwhelming feeling of freedom and harmony knowing you've helped to liberate developers everywhere!