With your direct contribution we can cover infrastructure costs, compensate our team of developers, fix bugs, sponsor evangelists, provide community support, build new features and most importantly continue to spread our message of freedom, justice, beauty and truth to the far reaches of the internet.

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We're down to keep solving DevOps and with your help we can.

We prefer you sponsor through GitHub Sponsors due to their lack of fees and current offer to match sponsorships up to $5,000. This ensures that your sponsorship dollars have maximum impact. However, if you prefer alternate sponsorship routes we also have pages on Patreon and OpenCollective.

We also highly recommend you join The Lando Alliance if you haven't already. If you decide to do that first you will have an opportunity to sponsor after you sign up. If you don't then choose a plan below!

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$ 4 /MON
  • support
    get better community support
  • bugs & features
    get more bug fixes and features
  • shoutout
    get a shoutout on twitter and anywhere else we list sponsors
  • swag
    get a yearly surprise swag benefit be it shirt, mug, hoodie or other
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$ 99 /MON
  • advertise
    get your logo featured anywhere we list sponsors
  • market
    get on demand retweets of your content and an initial twitter shoutout
  • early access
    get exclusive early access to new features
  • surveys
    participate in quarterly surveys to help us prioritize new features and bugs
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$ 999 /MON
  • advertise
    get prominent logo placement of your choosing on our websites and digital marketing
  • market
    get on demand retweets of your orgs content and an initial twitter shoutout
  • connect
    get a private slack channel and regular meetings with the lando team to plan out your needs
  • tailor
    get dedicated hours from the lando team for bugs, features, training or other services

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