Why your PaaS or dev tool should sponsor Lando

Mike PirogMike Pirog|Fri, Feb 7, 2020

Sponsoring Lando is more than just supporting a free and open source local development tool.

It's about making sure the tool you built on top of Lando has a strong foundation for now and in year three of your product roadmap.

It's about making sure the 10,000 developers using your competitors Lando integration also have an opportunity to switch to yours.

It's about building a relationship with our team and investing in us so we can return the favor.

However, if those aren't reason enough... here are five more 😉

1. It's a wheel, don't reinvent it

If you are looking to build something on top of Lando like Pantheon LocalDevopen in new window or integrate with your hosting service like we just agreed to do with Platform.shopen in new window then start from Lando don't reinvent it.

Building something like Lando takes years and costs around $500,000. The average time and price of a Lando integration with a hosting provider? $75,000 over three months. Your move!

Plus, we've already got a captive audience of over 10,000 developers and are a favorite choice in popular open source communities like Drupal, WordPress and Javascript. Don't force them to add yet another tool (YAT) to their toolbox!

2. It's an investment in your product

If you are using Lando in your product or service then it's a pretty good idea to make sure you invest in your product by also investing in Lando. Even a strong foundation requires periodic upkeep to remain strong over time.

Working with our team you can make sure we don't change things you need or that we roadmap extra features you do.

3. It's an investment in your team

We've been working on this problem for over ten years. Focus your team on the thing that makes your service or product unique because our core team and over 100 open source contributors have this part on lock down.

Perhaps more importantly, a sponsorship allows you to establish a closer relationship with the Lando team so we can chart a course to the future together. We are happy to work with you as though we were part of your team!

4. It's a market

Lando is increasingly becoming the local development choice for PaaS providers. This means our user base also represents a significant marketplace for your service or product. Don't miss out on being able to convince your competitors customers to jump ship!

A sponsorship is also a great way to showcase your support for open source and making developers lives easier which is a great way to attract new talent to your organization! Sponsors get featured prominently on all five of our web properties and digital marketing.

5. It's the right thing to do

Chances are your service or product is built on the shoulders of open source giants, the vast majority of whom spent countless unpaid hours building the thing that your business profits from.

If that is the case then return some of that value back!

Bottom Line

We have top tier sponsorship's available at $999 and $1776 per month. Generally these sponsorships include things like ...

  • Logo placement of your choice on Lando web properties and digital marketing
  • Dedicated time on specific bug fixes, features, training, etc
  • On site training or dedicated support of existing customers
  • On demand shoutouts and retweets of your content from the Lando twitter and other co-marketing opportunities
  • A personalized Slack channel for direct chat with the Lando team
  • Periodic planning meetings with the Lando team
  • Integration with your service, offering, product, etc
  • Whitelabeling

But we are open to other sponsorship terms. If you are interested in chatting more about what we can do with you contact us and we will set up a chat!