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Acquia and Lando (or, The Tale of a Tryst)

Long has the relationship between Acquia and Lando been a love that dare not speak its own name. Today, we're proud to announce that the romance is official - Acquia has sponsored a formal Lando integration.

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Pantheon Localdev Launch

Intuitive Pantheon user interface, combined with raw, unadulterated power of Lando underneath the hood.

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Symfony Development with Lando

Learn how easy it is to develop locally with Symfony and Lando

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Lando + Drupal Contributions

Setting up, testing, and writing Drupal patches can be a confusing gauntlet to the uninitiated. To that end I've set up the [thinktandem/drupal-contributions]( ...

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Lando 3.0.0

After many years of active development we've finally reached our first stable release!

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Lando and partner to create a new home for developers.

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