Lando v3.9.x+ Extended Notes

Mike PirogMike Pirog|Thu, Jan 19, 2023

Hey everyone in the Landoverse!

I just wanted to provide some additional notes on the current v3.9.1 pre-releaseopen in new window and the forthcoming 3.9.x+ stable releases.

1. U UP?

I'm sure you all have noticed that Lando slowed its roll of stable releases considerably in 2022. This is not from project abandonment but rather from VERY BIG changes we've been making to the Lando project as a whole, changes we think are essential to power the next big iteration: Lando 4.

If you're curious, I highly encourage you to read the 2022 Review for more detail on that.

2. Prepping for Lando 4

As of the v3.9.1 pre-releaseopen in new window Lando is now running a completely modularized architecture that brings together 50ish smaller projects, including the new V4 Runtimeopen in new window which will likely alpha in April.

This means that we can start rolling out new Lando 4 improvements without messing with your current Lando apps. Buckle up because big changes are coming this year!

For more detail you should check out our 2023 Roadmap post.

3. VirtioFS

Also, as of the v3.9.1 pre-releaseopen in new window and specifically the Docker Desktop 4.16.1 version it ships with, macOS 12.5+ users can take advantage of the new VirtioFS file sharing layer which offers "you should definitely use it" performance improvements.

You can read more about that hereopen in new window.

4. WSL2 Default Install

Finally, v3.9.1 pre-releaseopen in new window introduces WSL2 as the default install method for Lando on Windows, which is MUCH faster than the previously recommended Hyper-V install.

See the Windows installation instructionsopen in new window for more details.