Why your agency or org should sponsor Lando

Mike PirogMike Pirog|Sat, Feb 8, 2020

Sponsoring Lando is more than just supporting a free and open source local development tool. It's about giving a shit about your developers and giving them the tools they want and need to do their best work. Happy developers are productive and focused developers. And get it for way less than it would cost to build similar tools in-house. Trust us, we knowopen in new window 😃

However, if that is not reason enough... here are five more 😉

1. It saves you time and money

Solving local dev is hardopen in new window, very hard, so chances are Lando has saved you considerable time and money when compared to its competitors or DIY options.

The more resources we have the more we can make sure Lando, its documentation, guides, tutorials and video trainings are up to date. After all, development, workflows and tools are always changing. The more Lando keeps pace the more time and money we can save you.

If Lando has given you value, return some of that value back to us so we can provide even more value back in return. Positive feedback loop! Help us, help youopen in new window!

2. It's developer insurance

Lando has an active community on Slackopen in new window that offers free, real time support to everyone as time allows.

Generally, we try to scope questions so they are Lando focused but we are more than happy to answer any development question if we can afford to do so. If every agency that uses Lando sponsored us we would be able to provide TWO dedicated support persons to help answer any blocking dev questions your team might have.

How awesome would it be knowing that the Lando team has got your back if you get into a tight spot and need someone to help unblock you? You don't even need to use Lando we're down to try and help!

3. It helps you hire

Want to attract great developers? We know over 10,000! Sponsor Lando and we'll proudly fly your orgs logo on our documentationopen in new window, marketing site and blogopen in new window. We're also down to co-market, partner and retweet your orgs content.

What better way to attract great talent then to declare loudly, proudly and clearly that you are on their side. Join our movement of developer advocacy and show that you give a shit.

4. It's an investment in your team

One of the best things about Lando is its extended ecosystem of documentationopen in new window, helpful guidesopen in new window, video tutorialsopen in new window, blog postsopen in new window, trainings, presentations and other eventsopen in new window.

These materials, combined with Slack, give your team access to our team and their collective battle-hardened wisdom and experience. Our team has not only built a tool that other developers depend on but we've logged well over a hundred trainings and thousands of support hours.

We are happy to do as much of this as our users want and with your sponsorship we can!

5. It's the right thing to do

With the exception of a Kickstarteropen in new window we ran back in 2014 Lando has been overwhelmingly (eg 90%+) "funded" by Tandemopen in new window, our previous agency Kalamunaopen in new window and tons of after hours and volunteer time.

Hopefully this is sufficient evidence that we are pretty committed to the cause of developer liberation! However, at our current and projected growth it is no longer possible for us to solely shoulder the increasing infrastructure and engineering costs. Help us share the loadopen in new window! After all, we are building all of this for you!

It's also important to mention that fundamentally Lando is about helping other developers. We want to stay accountable to you not VC overlords. There has never been a business model and with your help there never will be.

Bottom Line

The math on this is fairly straightforward! If every Lando-using org or agency sponsored us at the $99 per month level we would be able to...

  • Answer the vast majority of your Lando and non-Lando related development questions on Slackopen in new window.
  • Churn out more guides, documentation and tutorials based on what users need or want.
  • Work on Lando full time, this means staying up to date with development changes, version updates, new tools, bug fixes, user features; everything.
  • Take more time to manage the Lando community and its contributors.
  • Cover our infrastructure costs and compensate our core contributor team.

To put this in perspective, you likely pay more money to host a single website than you would to a support a tool that can single handedly build any website. If you think that sounds like a pretty fucking good deal then please, support our mission to liberate developers across the galaxy so they can focus on their most important work!